how to prepare tender documents pdf

A tender is usually publicly announced to suppliers for the needs of services or products. The tender document contains the necessary application papers and informs of additional information that the suppliers must deliver in order to apply for the tender and enter the selection process.

The tender document gives a detailed explanation of the deadlines, requirements, necessary information and criteria. Depending on the type of the project and requested work, other additional documents vary. The applying suppliers must deliver the complete tender documentation by the deadline to be able to participate in the tender bidding process.

The criteria upon which a supplier is usually chosen are the proposed prices and costs, delivery times and terms, availability and quality. Common practice has shown that applicants must pre-qualify before being given the tender documents.

Tenders are very common in large governmental or non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals and universities. Organizations invite companies to bid for the job of the tender for the purposes of reconstruction work and equipment supplies before choosing the most acceptable offer.

What Are Examples of Homogeneous Products? What Is the Role of the Personnel Department? What Is the Definition of a Product Range?Our tender document templates are ideal for this purpose.

You may also see business requirement document samples. The construction tender document is made to channelize the agreement between the contractor and sub-contractor to ensure the agreement while framing the general contractor work.

The template helps to draft the agreement for the correct plan and order. Also using the template saves a lot of time and one can easily come up with guided form of the tender. You may also see financial proposal templates.

Using a template males the work a lot more easier therefore it is necessary that one should keep in mind the necessary details like the in charge of the project the details of the project and all the things that must be included to make it run on a better scale. You may also see business requirements document templates. Talking about the sample template one should keep in mind that there are necessary arrangements that are too made if one needs to customize and personalize things in a certain pattern.

Therefore using the help of the Sample Tender Document Template to print template drafting the agreement plan would be very much easier and one would get an idea about the agreement.

You may also see payment plan agreement. Our tender documents are available for free in Word and Excel formats and the template of your choice can be downloaded and printed. You may also see stamp samples. One needs a tender document to make sure that the things that are done must be framed professionally.

how to prepare tender documents pdf

A contract or an agreement is specially made to convey the importance of the professionalism including the various things that have been framed under the project.

Both the companies will be joining to seek the best advice to make the project run better. Using the help of the agreement things is arranged in a good manner and also there are a lot of calculations to be made and to keep the things running. You may also see contractor proposals. When it comes to the need of the template then it is evenly possible that one requires having the template for the betterment of drafting the agreement.

Things like drafting a contract needs to be taken care under a good super vision so that no mistake can be filed on. Using the help of the tender document template one gets am idea about the things that are to be placed in the agreement without even worrying for making any mistake.

Also you can easily customize and personalize the agreement in your own way.

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You may also see purchase quotation samples. Having a template has really been beneficial in many different ways. Therefore using a template to frame any agreement or contact becomes easy when we choose the right designated path. Using template will save a lot of time and also there will be fewer issues.

You may also see proposal samples. Using the help of the template one can easily work upon different thing like how to create the agreement the format and the form in which it is to be written. So with the help of the tender document template things will be done in equal and parallel ways so that it could be easy to work upon. You may also see letter examples.The aim of going out to tender for works is to obtain a fair and competitive price from the market to achieve the project you are proposing.

The problem with this is that the variables are limitless, and the basis of your enquiry is fundamentally flawed, being open to interpretation, tactics and assumptions. The need for comprehensive, well thought-out tender documents is essential, both in terms of receiving realistic prices for your project, and in ensuring your project remains in line with the projected budget when it goes on site.

Read on to find out exactly what to include in your tender letter and how to go about the process. In simple terms, you need to write down what you want. This is more complex than at first glance, as you need to incorporate the various influences on a project, which may include the specification, the drawings, the performance requirements, the legislative framework and permissions planning, Building Control, etctimescales and method of procuring this.

Make sure the documents are consistent with each other, too, again to avoid the opportunity for interpretation. Your goal is to get a price that is comprehensive, realistic and comparable with the rest of the market to understand if you are getting best value.

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You can always tweak and alter the works before going into contract, but the tender process should be controlled and consistent across the tendering companies.

It is advisable to initially approach at least four ideally six informally, to brief them about your scheme and to gauge interest. Having whittled the list down via conversations and gauging interest, you will probably have three to four companies who have agreed to tender. These will form your list, and will all be sent a pack of documentation. As well as a costed and detailed return relating to your work, there are additional supporting documents that you should request as part of the tender return from your contractors.

These include:. When you start the tendering process it is not unusual to have a couple of companies drop out and decline to tender. Once the documents have been sent, give each contractor a follow-up call to check if they have everything they need. Email is impersonal and easy to ignore or decline. Be realistic and speak to your contractors prior to sending out enquiries, find out their time concerns, and set a tender return period accordingly. Anything less than three weeks is, in my view, inviting a heavily caveated tender return that will then require four more weeks of negotiation to get right.

What Steps Must I Take To Create a Winning Tender?

They need to take receipt of the documentation and appraise them before sending on to specialist subcontractors for their costings. Once these prices are back and the contractor has measured and understood all their direct works, they will collate the price. I would caution against setting too short a timescale and remember the tendering process is affected by several factors:.

When looking properly at your tender returns, it makes sense to create a spreadsheet to compare each price. You can take the contract sum analysis that your contractors will have completed, and use this as a basis for accurate comparison. Immediately you will be able to understand exactly how different contractors have apportioned costs, see any omitted items and any areas of immediate concern. The overall cost of the works may be as expected, but when carrying out this analysis you notice that one contractor has a much higher cost for foundations than the others, and decorations are a lot cheaper.

This can be a tactic whereby the contractor is hedging their bets against the typical problems found on site. When issues arise during the excavations, any extra costs will generally be proportional to the amounts allowed in the tender, which if artificially inflated, may bring in additional profits. Equally, when you have had a lot of additional costs early on, you will be keen to save money, and the decorations are a simple DIY task in the main.

Omitting these from your contractor to save money takes away some of their anticipated profits. Therefore, if they have deflated these costs they may well be looking to hedge against this. Call me cynical, but I have certainly seen this on many occasions.

Invitation to Tender template

Once scheduled out and compared, you can look at the items that may not be included. PC prime cost — denoting items that have yet to be finalised and provisional sums need to be identified and considered. If the contractors have made certain items provisional, you need to check that they have allowed the same amount of money for a true comparison between them at this stage.

The aim is to get a level playing field where each bid has been understood and balanced with the others to get a true picture of the costs. At this point, you can now better appreciate the likely costs of the work, and select those contractors who you wish to engage with further —normally the lowest two. You will probably get all your enquiries returned unpriced while everyone is on holiday. Halfway through the tender period, speak to each of the contractors to see how they are getting on and if they need anything else.

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how to prepare tender documents pdf

Book Now. It includes examples of completed SBD forms. R Local Content Consultations and Private Workshops. Local Content Instruction Manual. SinceHowtoTender assists businesses to respond to requests for quotations, requests for proposals and competitive bids collectively referred to as tenders. Numerous workshops have been presented throughout South Africa which have been attended by thousands of people representing more than South African companies.

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About How to Tender SinceHowtoTender assists businesses to respond to requests for quotations, requests for proposals and competitive bids collectively referred to as tenders.

About the Facilitators Werner A.Tender documents for construction are some of the most important documents which construction companies and project and asset owners deal with because they dictate who is going to be delivering what projects - which has a direct impact on all of the companies working on a project as well as the project of course.

Construction tender documents include the documents which project and asset owners use to invite vendors to bid on their projects, and the documents which vendors contractors, subcontractors, suppliers use to submit their tenders or put their hand up to work on the project.

In general, tendering refers to the suppliers required to complete construction works - but tender documents have become synonymous with the process of inviting, bidding and selecting services. In the construction industry, where everything is project based, tenders are the main mechanism by which companies choose who to work with, and these documents span across most of the types of vendors including general contractors, equipment suppliers and enabling works.

So for all companies operating in construction, tendering documents serve a vital role in the success of their business. Preparing tender documents can be a project in itself for construction companies, and reconciling and making procurement decisions can be quite the effort for asset owners and operators as well. The best way to prepare and handle tender documents is to break them down into packages.

Each package should be for a specific area, phase of piece of work or product, so that the parties submitting tender documents can prepare accurate bids. Breaking down your tender documents effectively also enables the party receiving the package and selecting the vendors to more easily sort the vendors into groups, assess them properly, and make better and more informed decisions.

The time and level of sophistication required in preparing tender documents will vary greatly based on the size of the project and companies involved.

About How to Tender

Some of the typical tender documents for construction include:. As you can see, the tendering process is pretty comprehensive in construction, and can start to eat into the project preparation and specification stage.

This is great for clarity around the project, but means that construction companies can spend a lot of time on tenders which they may not win but you do have to be in it to win it. Out of these tender documents, the most comprehensive is usually the form of tender or tender submission and the part that the construction companies are most concerned with getting right and formatting correctly.

As is the case with most documents in the construction industry, tender submissions can vary quite dramatically from company to company and project to project. But there is some better frameworks than others, and some general inclusions which most companies are going to want to include. The construction tender document example below obviously isn't in its PDF or document form, but it gives you a good idea of the contents which will be included in tender documents for construction.

Some of these items are established and completed by the project or asset owners, while others are completed by the contractor, subcontractor, supplier or other bidding party. A tender submission will also frequently include a tender document cover letter, but that is usually quite simple, with some company identification pieces and some info regarding the project name and number.

So now that you have seen that example of a tender document, how are these tender documents usually presented and shared between parties? The tender document below is a good example of what one of these PDF forms may look like. The document includes some nice formatting, a clear structure, and provides a platform from which the parties can collaborate on tender documents.

How are these tender documents sent and shared? Mostly via email, with some companies still sending supplemental letters. The truth about tender document for construction is that they could be better. They could be created better, managed better and shared in a more collaborative and professional manner.

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There are thousands of tender documents floating around construction companies and sites which are being manually completed and sent between parties. The process by which companies conduct the tendering the process can be drastically improved through more collaborative tender documents and tools - which you can look at below.

The final format for most tender documents is PDF, but the main way in which they are created is through word and number processors like word and excel - which can cause a lot of headaches during the bidding and tendering process including:.

Word and excel documents have been the go-to and easiest options for construction tender documents for many years, but today, there are digital options which enable you to manage tender documents more efficiently and professionally.

These systems, like the example of Dashpivot above, enable you to digitise and standardise your tender documents for construction.

You can manage all of your tender documents from a single place, and access them, edit them, modify them, complete them, and share them as proper tender documents in PDF format. You can also take advantage of smart document fields and features like digital signoffs, which make the whole process so much friendlier for all parties involved and can set you apart from other vendors.

Tender documents for construction are really important to your business, and they are also important for all project parties. The tendering process is one which happens thousands of times every day and dictates who works on what the ultimately the success of the project - and tender documents are at the heart of this process, enabling parties to effectively communicate and agree on who will deliver a project and what that delivery will look like and cost.

This invitation to tender template can be used to complete and send professional ITT documents to your preferred suppliers. Here's a building construction quotation sample and editable template you can use to make your building quotes more reliable and presentable.

His aim is to bring awareness to a brighter future for the heavy industries where people and companies work smarter.Tender preparation process is becoming increasingly complex, frequently requiring numerous attachments, the use of graphics and pictures and using special layouts and formatting. It is becoming more demanding on bidders for both their time and expertise.

There is a growing trend to outsource parts or all of the tender document preparation and submission process. Whether you do it in-house or outsource it, you must remember the 3 major areas as outlined below.

You need to know exactly what the client wants. The best way to do this, if the tender documents are not clear, is to contact the client directly and either arrange a meeting to discuss it or communicate your questions via email. It is important to make sure that you have complete understanding of what the client is asking for, and that they are completely serious about the offer.

There is a danger that the client may use your ideas and solutions without accepting your proposal. Make sure you match the bid specification and do answer all the questions. Your tender must be able to meet all the requirements that the client has identified, including the cost structure and timeframe. Over and above the requirements stated in the tender, the bidder should follow some critical rules when preparing the documentation as follows:.

Cover Everything Asked If the client has provided pre-qualification documents, make sure that you cover everything asked for including any references or testimonials. Executive Summary Prepare an executive summary of your bid and explain why it answers the client's needs.

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Write this last but put it at the beginning of your tender. This makes your bid more readable and pictures can sometimes explain better than words. Detailed Project Costing If the client does not provide a template to fill in to explain the costs, provide you own with a detailed project costing and an explanation how the work will be carried out including a proposed implementation plan.

The Team that will Execute the Tender During your tender preparation process, provide details of the team of employees that will fulfill your obligations. Give professional credentials of your employees, any relevant previous experience gained with similar contracts and how they are the best for this job.

If they do not provide one, use one of your own. Show how you can solve their problems through applying your skills and experience. Be Creative Your tender preparation process should always include some creative ideas and alternative solutions including those relating to their future costs of maintenance and staffing. This gives the client confidence in your capabilities.

Explain how your offer provides additional value for the price paid and a better ROI. Don't leave yet, find out more about tender preparation process and tenders in general here. Tender Management Process. Procurement Best Practices. Purchasing Managers Roles.

How to do spend analysis. Procurement Trainings. Procurement Certification. In-House Training for Teams. Vendor Management. What You Need to Know! Tender Preparation Process Best Practices Tender preparation process is becoming increasingly complex, frequently requiring numerous attachments, the use of graphics and pictures and using special layouts and formatting.

Fundamentals of Tender Preparation Process Make sure you match the bid specification and do answer all the questions.

Over and above the requirements stated in the tender, the bidder should follow some critical rules when preparing the documentation as follows: 1. Enhacing the Tender Preparation Process 1.

Purchase Price Index. Purchasing Savings.An invitation to tender ITT is a formal invitation created and issued by one company e. In essence, an invitation to tender is what companies looking to employ goods and services send potential providers and suppliers in order to make companies aware of the work, and receive tenders from suitable companies for the job which they want completed.

Invitations for tender are used across many industries and companies, including for equipment suppliers, trade and works contractors and main contractors. An invitation to tender is a really important financial document and instrument, as it is the glue which connects many parties together and enables them to conduct business in an organised and mutually beneficial manner. The ITT template comes pre-built with the framework you need to issue and guide vendors through the mechanics of your tender process.

You can then attach a scope of work or project description document which helps the vendors understand what the work will look like.

The goal of an invitation to tender is to get the best vendors possible conducting your work, and this invitation to tender template will enable you to provide comprehensive detail around the project and tender process so that you can make an accurate and informed decision about which companies, products or services to move forward with.

Dashpivot is user friendly project management software trusted by companies of all sizes. Standardise and professionalise your lien release forms so that you get paid and also keep everyone on side. This contractor quote template makes creating, managing and sharing big and small quotes more professional than traditional quote documents.

Use this template now. This invitation to tender template is smarter than word and PDF docs, and makes your tenders easier to manage and more professional. Invitation to Tender template.

Preview the full template. Use this invitation to tender template for yourself. Preview this invitation to tender template below. Open the ITT document, and try editing the template. Use and customise this invitation to tender template for free. This invitation to tender template is powered by Dashpivot, which gives you more control over your tender documents than traditional word or PDFs:.

Other popular finance templates you can use for free now. Contractors Lien Release Form template Standardise and professionalise your lien release forms so that you get paid and also keep everyone on side. Contractor Quote template This contractor quote template makes creating, managing and sharing big and small quotes more professional than traditional quote documents. Construction Timesheet template Keep timesheets thorough, secure and organised.

See how. Click here to use this template for free. Sitemate is the industries most flexible project management software.

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